Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updated list

Over the weekend my sisters and I decided to buy for our mom and stepdad and all kids, but no other adults. Wahoo, that works for me because I never know what to give to them anyway.
Then on Sunday my brother in law said they don't want to do gifts for the adults either. Another wahoo cuz they have exensive taste and never give much in the way of ideas for themselves. We are still going to give to my Mother inlaw and father inlaw though. They are just to good to us to not give them something, plus they will be giving to us even if we tried to stop them.

People that still need to be bought/made for:
Mom- she wants kingsized pillowcases (any have the measurements for these?)
Ken- something sugar free and pillowcases
Logan- another pair of pj pants or 2
Mom G- no idea
Dad- no idea
Mark- not sure if we will be exchanging, something Redsox
Amy- not sure if we will be exchanging, but if we do I want to knit her this http://spunknit1.webs.com/knittedsnowman.htm actually 3 of them
Phillip- knitted hat, though he has enough gifts, but it was requested
Grandma & Grandpa- usually assorted nut package cuz they have everything
Grandma- ?
David's 4 school teachers- David is making ornaments and I will sew/knit something depending on time
Chris- no idea, boy that man is tough
Christopher- we will see if he gets anything else after his $130 texting bill
David- I am still working on his tomten jacket so maybe he will get that by then
Juliana- longies, soakers, skirties, diapers, cloth wipes, stuffed animal with tags ????

All adults will also receive an ornament made by David and pictures of the kiddos.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some more pjs, gift bags and a pillowcase.

I sewed some giftbags today. I used 3 yards of fabric and only made 5 bags. One is a santa sack for SIL. She always liked mine so now she will have one of her own.

I also sewed a pair of pj pants and a matching pillowcase for my brother. He is 7 years old and picky so I hope he likes them.

PhotobucketThe santa bag is stuffed with the back of my oversized chair cushion.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

more giftbags and pj pants

I made some reusable giftbags for mt mom as an early Christmas gift today.
Yesterday I sewed another pair of pj pants for my hubby's cousin's daughter.

Time is running out for homemade Christmas gifts, I better hurry up.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pj's for the neice and nephew

pjToday I finally got my butt going. I sewed these quickly for my neice and nephew. They are a size 3t traced from a pair of ds's old pants. I was able to whip them up in about 20 minutes each and they are made from stash fabric and elastic. Yeah free Christmas gifts!!!!
I do want to applique a matching shirt for each. I may try sewing a kimono style top for the Ragged Anne ones.
I have one other little girl to sew a pair for too.

These are some wool longies (aka diaper covers) I sewed from recycled wool sweaters for dd. They are approximately a size 12-18 months.
I sewed the middle pair today from the katrina soaker pattern size medium and just added the sleeves for legs. I did add an extra layer in the soaker area. http://katrinassqs.blogspot.com/ These aren't for Christmas, but I thought I would share anyways.