Sunday, February 7, 2010

40 Hats in 40 Days

So for the last few years I have knit/crochetted/sewn 40 Hats in 40 Days in honor of Lent. They are all premie and baby hats that I donate to local hospitals. I can not take credit for the idea. A mom over on came up with the idea in I believe 2006 and I have just continued to do it.
I usually use this pattern It takes me about 20 minutes using worsted weight yarn so it is nice and quick and I can easily do one a day.
Last year I did not make as many, but I did give birth during Lent so I figured I wouldn't. I made only 30 and started early.

So who is going to join me this year?


  1. That is very sweet of you! My son came early, and though he wasn't labeled "preemie", he was preemie sized & wore preemie clothes for months. He received a hand knit hat in the hospital, and since it was one of the few things that fit him, I was very grateful.

  2. this is really sweet and I think I will do this as well for the babies of our hospitals in my town. In July 09 my 4 year old (3 then) had kidney surgery in Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA and I was trying to find a good way to show my appreciation and now I know how. Thanks.

  3. Lil Gigglez, I am really that your little one is ok. I know how it feels to want to show appreciation for all that hospitals do. My son was hospitalized at 5 weeks with HMPV and on a respirator at Yale for 12 days. He has been hospitalized 4 times and had surgery twice. He will be five this month.
    My neice was born April 2009 at 25 weeks also at Yale weighting 1 lb 15 oz. She is over 16 lbs now thankfully.
    Oh and by the way our favorite vacation so far was to Hershey Pennsylvannia.

    Kris, I know what you mean about being a little early and not much fitting, my kids were not small and newborn clothes was huge for the first week or so.